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Tank Services

Visual inspection and cleaning of tanks in operation


The use of Specialty Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)’s allows visual inspection and cleaning with the tanks still in service, without affecting the quality of the water or the product being operated in.

For fire-fighting systems, the technique meets the requirements of NFPA 25 items and

The visual inspection allows, through high resolution images, to check the general internal conditions, welding regions, internal devices, columns, bottom and roof. It is highly recommended as a prerequisite of the cleaning process since it is possible to measure the volume of debris present in the bottom of the tank.

The cleaning process is designed to return the system back to its original capacities, avoiding clogging of sprinklers, proliferation of biodiversity and changing the pH of water, which can accelerate the corrosion process. It is possible to do this while the system remains in full service with no interruptions to fire protection of the facility.

Techniques applied in various water storage systems, such as:

• Fire fighting

• Cooling tower

• Process

• Treated

• Gross

• Spheres

• External reservoirs

Underwater Inspection

The ROV of visual inspection can be used in an offshore environment with solutions of hull inspection, FPSO, ballast tank, platforms, and pipelines among others equipment.


Thickness Measurement

The submarine allows the spot measurement of thickness in plates of reservoirs and offshore structures.


•Removal of marine life;

•Eliminates fouling and oxidation;

•Surface preparation for assays.


CP Measuring

•Proximity probe to carry out potential measurements;

•The voltage reading can be obtained remotely;

•Used in production and drilling platforms, ship hulls, among other applications.



•Replaces the need for a diver;

•Identifies possible erosions on turbine blades;

•Detection of leaking areas;

•General view on the integrity of the infrastructure.